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Joint Injections

Joint pain affects millions of people in the United States each day. For some people, the pain may be subtle and manageable. However, in others, joint pain can be a painful, debilitating condition to live with. The condition itself can affect any part of a joint, such as the bone, tendons, cartilage, or muscles. In extreme cases, it presents itself as arthritis or arthralgia, which is when inflammation or pain radiates from within the joint.

No matter what kind of joint pain you're living with, the caring professionals at Keystone Physical Medicine want you to know that we're here to treat everything from mild joint pain, severe joint pain, and everything in between. One way we accomplish this is by offering safe and effective joint injections. Our joint injections are safe to use on every major joint, except for the spine. It's a helpful treatment option to alleviate joint pain and even helps with the rehabilitation process of certain conditions. What is a joint injection, though?

What Are Joint Injections?

A joint injection involves a local anesthetic and steroid solution designed to alleviate joint pain. When you visit our clinic for a joint injection, the procedure will consist of one of our doctors injecting the steroid near the site of your joint pain. The purpose of the injection is to reduce painful inflammation or swelling in and around the joint space. Usually, the procedure lasts no longer than a few minutes. It's important to note, though, that some people may find the injection uncomfortable. After all, during the injection, a needle penetrates through your skin into deeper tissues. Fortunately, for many patients the discomfort is minor, especially considering the fact that a local anesthetic will always coat the injection site where our doctors insert the needle for the injection.

Our Approach to Joint Injections

When you visit our clinic for your joint pain treatment, you will quickly learn that our primary goal is to treat your condition as much as possible. Our physicians will act quickly to help you regain stability and a full range of motion, no matter what the scope of your condition is. For peace of mind, you can rest easy knowing that all our physicians have experience administering joint injections.

Our physicians are also dedicated to ensuring you're educated about the process and will always evaluate you and your condition before administering an injection. In some cases, we may even recommend other treatment options in combination with joint injections, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and acupuncture.

Do you think you may benefit from joint injections? If you're living with debilitating or even mild joint pain, give our clinic a call to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled physicians. Pain doesn't have to be a regular part of life. With proper treatment, you can live your life pain-free in no time.

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