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Trigger Point Injections

Do you experience muscle spasms or knots on a regular basis that won't go away no matter what you try? If so, you may benefit from our trigger point injections. At Keystone Physical Medicine in Meridian, Idaho, we pride ourselves on offering trigger point injections to treat muscle spasms and knots anywhere on your body that's injured and just needs some help relaxing for it to heal.

What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are small, discrete areas in the tight band of skeletal muscle in your body. They're called trigger points because they're hyperirritable and produce localized, persistent pain that can affect your range of motion in the injured muscles. Typically, if you have a chronic musculoskeletal disorder, chances are you also have quite a few trigger points. Acute or repetitive microtrauma also causes trigger points because of the stress placed on your muscle fibers. Neck and shoulder muscles, along with muscles in your pelvic girdle are more likely to form trigger points than other parts of your body. That said, we have also treated patients whose trigger points manifested as tinnitus, joint pain, tension headaches, and lower back pain.

How Our Physicians Locate Trigger Points?

Our team of physicians excels at finding trigger points so we can effectively treat your condition. Trigger points are usually found by feeling around a hypersensitive nodule or bundle of muscle fiber until the palpation elicits a response to the pain from the patient. Once found, our doctors will treat the trigger point with a trigger point injection.

Why We Use Trigger Point Injections Over Other Forms of Care?

If you're experiencing pain linked to trigger points, chances are you've already tried many different treatments to alleviate it. From therapeutic massage, muscle relaxers, topical creams, ergonomic shoes, and more, these common treatment options don't always work. In fact, many of the patients we've treated in the past lamented how they tried everything they could think of to find relief, but nothing worked until they tried trigger point injections. At Keystone Physical Medicine, we rely on trigger point injections as an effective treatment method because this approach really works. As an added bonus, it's a non-invasive procedure and is over in a couple of minutes. Unsure what a trigger point injection is? Simply put, trigger point injections involve injecting a solution of lidocaine, sarapin, and sodium bicarbonate into any trigger points you may have.

If you're living with painful muscle spasms and other muscle pain, you may be one of the millions of people in the U.S. who have trigger points. Fortunately for you, Keystone Physical Medicine can alleviate your trigger points and get you back to living your life to the fullest, without the pain. Give our office a call today to learn how trigger point injections can help you.

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