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Vitamin Injections

Are you looking for a way to boost your metabolism, improve your red blood cell production, get better sleep, and a have better overall mood? If so, vitamin injections may be for you. At Keystone Physical Medicine, we specialize in educating patients about the benefits of vitamin injections, especially vitamin B12 injections.

B12 is one of the most common vitamins our patients in Meridian, Idaho request, and rightly so. Not only do B12 vitamin injections help improve energy levels and boost metabolism, but the powerful vitamin excels at burning unwanted fat, improving sleep patterns, and more. Check out the benefits that B12 vitamin injections offer:

  • Improve sleep, appetite, energy, and mood patterns
  • Increase metabolic rate and aid in the metabolism of proteins and fats
  • Detoxify the liver for improved liver health
  • Increase production of red blood cells
  • Aid in the production of myelin, a fatty tissue that surrounds and protects nerves from damage
  • Improve serotonin production for elevated moods

About Vitamin B12 Injections

If you think you may want to begin vitamin B12 injections, the first thing you'll have to do is schedule an appointment with one of our skilled physicians for an initial consultation. During the consultation, you'll learn about the injection process and can ask any questions you may have.

Once you receive an injection, you can expect the vitamin to remain in your system for 72 hours or so, depending on your lifestyle. It's a water-soluble vitamin and dissolves easily in the body. Because it's usually absorbed so quickly, it’s recommended to get frequent injections if you want to make B12 part of your day-to-day life. We recommend at least one injection per week.

How Do Vitamin Injections Differ from Oral Supplements?

The big difference between vitamin injections and oral supplements comes down to absorption rates. Oral supplements require the aid of digestion to help release the vitamins to the rest of the body. However, because stomach acids break down the supplements, only a small amount of the vitamins get released into the bloodstream. Injections, on the other hand, are directly released into the bloodstream, resulting in a better absorption rate and a greater likelihood that you'll experience the benefits of your vitamins.

Incorporating vitamins into your daily routine is a good way to stay healthy and ward off infections and other unhealthy conditions. With convenient services like vitamin injections, Keystone Physical Medicine can meet all your wellness needs to keep you happy and healthy for years to come. Give our clinic a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. We'd be happy help educate you on the benefits of B12 and other vitamins that support a healthier lifestyle.

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