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Corrective Exercises

At Keystone Physical Medicine, we take great pride in being able to identify and treat a variety of health conditions, whether it's physical, emotional, or chemical. As a clinic that specializes in providing top-of-the-line chiropractic care, our skilled doctors take a holistic, natural, and gentle approach when examining patient bones, nerves, muscles, and ligaments. By examining these structures, our physicians get a better idea of what course of treatment will be most effective for individual patients and will result in long-term relief. In many cases, our patients benefit from corrective exercises.

What Are Corrective Exercises?

Corrective exercises, otherwise known as therapeutic exercises, address and treat problem areas and injuries. No matter the cause of your injury, many can benefit from regular corrective exercises.

However, it's always important to seek out the assistance of a skilled chiropractor or physical therapist before endeavoring on a corrective exercise regime. Too often we see patients who believe all they have to do to heal or strengthen the site of an injury is to focus exercises on the area of concern. What some patients may not realize is that spot treating the problem won't make it go away. It's common for injuries to affect other areas of the body, areas that you might not notice need corrective exercises.

Fortunately, the physicians at Keystone Physical Medicine have years of experience diagnosing injuries and recommending proper corrective exercises to countless patients throughout Meridian, Idaho. At the end of the day, our goal is to see you regain full muscle function, improved strength, and a complete range of motion.

What Conditions Benefit from Corrective Exercises?

At Keystone Physical Medicine, we rely on corrective exercises to treat a variety of conditions, from whiplash injuries to pain from overused muscles and more. Some of the most common conditions we treat include the following:

  • Overused, Stressed Muscles: Depending on the nature of your job or lifestyle, you might carry out tasks that require certain repetitive movement throughout the day. Tasks such as typing, bending, and lifting heavy objects put a lot of stress on certain parts of your body, making them more vulnerable to injury.
  • Whiplash: Typically seen in patients recently involved in an accident, whiplash injuries often affect the neck, shoulders, and back, and they can be very painful. In serious cases, whiplash can even cause pinched nerves, which is why it's always best to reach out to our clinic whenever you're in an auto accident. The last thing you want is to leave whiplash injuries untreated; they could heal improperly and cause permanent damage.
  • Sports Injuries: Athletes put their bodies through a lot, and sometimes, their bodies need a bit of chiropractic care to continue operating optimally. If you're an athlete, corrective exercises can also help prevent future injuries.

The doctors and other medical professionals at Keystone Physical Medicine are passionate about improving our patients’ health, wellness, and strength with effective and safe corrective exercises. If you think you might benefit from corrective exercises but are unsure how to get started, give our office a call today at 208-343-2770 to schedule an appointment. We'd love to get to know you and help get you started on an exercise regimen.

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