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Nutritional Counseling

At Keystone Physical Medicine, we believe nutritional counseling should be part of any recovery regimen. Because of that, our doctors and other healthcare professionals are knowledgeable and qualified to provide nutritional education and guidance for patients in the Meridian, Idaho, area. By coupling nutritional counseling with other recovery treatments, our patients recover faster and learn nutritional skills to help improve their overall well-being in the future.

About Our Nutritional Counseling Services

To best meet the needs of our patients, all our physicians have years of experience and education that makes them more than qualified to make nutritional recommendations. Proper nutrition plays a big part in your overall well-being and health, and it can affect how well you recover from an accident or injury.

Depending on your condition, our physicians will create a customized nutritional plan to meet your needs. We will always listen to any concerns or questions you may have throughout the process. Our goal is to help you reach your health goals.

Why Nutritional Counseling Is Important for Your Health

There's no denying the fact that in today's age of information overload, there is an endless stream of nutritional information available on the internet and through various other sources. Because of this, many people tend to have a good idea of what constitutes bad nutrition and good nutrition. However, mapping out a plan for incorporating good nutrition into your lifestyle takes a trained and qualified professional, like one of our specialists at Keystone Physical Medicine.

If you have a medical condition, it's not enough to know what good nutrition is. Instead, you have to know what your nutritional needs are for your condition. Fortunately, when you visit our clinic for nutritional counseling, our medical professionals will take the time to evaluate your emotional and physical health and devise a nutritional plan just for you and your unique situation. Whether you're in need of a nutritional plan as part of a recovery, weight management, preventative health, or any other process, we can help keep you on track.

About Our Customized Nutritional Programs

We take great pride in offering unique, customized nutritional programs to individual patients. We understand that no two patients are the same, and what works for one patient won't necessarily work for another. When you visit our clinic and meet with one of our caring specialists about one of our customized nutritional programs, they may ask you a series of questions to help determine what program is right for you. Some of those questions may include the following:

  • Medication History
  • Chemical History
  • Genetic History
  • Injury and Illness History
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Goals or Needs

When creating nutritional plans for our patients, we may incorporate products from the following companies:

Have you been thinking about trying out nutritional counseling? If so, Keystone Physical Medicine would like to hear from you. Give our office a call to schedule an initial appointment.

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